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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for improvement in Axis2 - handling of wsdl extensibility elements
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 03:41:59 GMT
Hi Detelin,

Glad to hear your interest on contributing to Axis2.
> Hi everyone,
>    While looking into implementing AddressingAndIdentity
> <>
> support in Axis2, I noticed Nandana has already done some work in this
> area (AXIS2-4066 <>).
> My intention was to provide an additional patch that would handle the
> User Principal Name.
> However, I would really like to improve this so that any Axis2 module
> could contribute to an wsdl extensibility element.
hmm, let's first get that in Axis2, later we can thing about that, I guess ?
> For that to work, wsdl extensibility elements must become first class
> citizens in Axis2 service model.
Not sure I really understand what you really mean, can't we get what we
want by having that as an external module ? (merge to wooden, or as an
Axis2 core module ?).

Let's get a patch, so  that we can see more about what you think.

> At the moment, only policy components are attached to an Axis2
> service, while the only way to configure wsdl extensibility elements
> is to use the wsdl-first approach and provide them explicitly in the
> original wsdl - in that case, an Axis2 module can modify them by
> looking up and working with the wsdl Definition instance.
> On the other hand, one could argue that WS-Addressing metadata
> processing can become part of Axis2 core - for example, an
> AxisEndpoint might be extended with a wsa:EndpointReference getter
> that would provide access to the EndpointReference element and allow
> any module to modify it.
> This might seem natural, as the Axis2 kernel already handles
> addressing-specific metadata internally (see
> AxisService2WSDL11.generateEPRElement), however this would only solve
> this particular use case rather than solving it for any similar
> requirement.
> I would be interested in getting some feedback on this - could be that
> there are other potential solutions to this issue which I have missed.
> Thanks,
>     Detelin

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