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Subject Suggestion for improvement in Axis2 - handling of wsdl extensibility elements
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2014 08:35:05 GMT
Hi everyone,
   While looking into implementing
in Axis2, I noticed Nandana has already done some work in this area
(AXIS2-4066 <>).
My intention was to provide an additional patch that would handle the User
Principal Name. However, I would really like to improve this so that any
Axis2 module could contribute to an wsdl extensibility element.
For that to work, wsdl extensibility elements must become first class
citizens in Axis2 service model. At the moment, only policy components are
attached to an Axis2 service, while the only way to configure wsdl
extensibility elements is to use the wsdl-first approach and provide them
explicitly in the original wsdl - in that case, an Axis2 module can modify
them by looking up and working with the wsdl Definition instance.
On the other hand, one could argue that WS-Addressing metadata processing
can become part of Axis2 core - for example, an AxisEndpoint might be
extended with a wsa:EndpointReference getter that would provide access to
the EndpointReference element and allow any module to modify it.
This might seem natural, as the Axis2 kernel already handles
addressing-specific metadata internally (see
AxisService2WSDL11.generateEPRElement), however this would only solve this
particular use case rather than solving it for any similar requirement.
I would be interested in getting some feedback on this - could be that
there are other potential solutions to this issue which I have missed.


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