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From Morgan Delagrange <>
Subject Supporting the file protocol for the "upload" task?
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 18:30:43 GMT
Hi all,

The site claims that buildr only uses  the SFTP protocol for uploads:

However I tested out the file protocol and it seems to work fine.
This would be useful for servers (like a continuous integration
server) that may have direct access to the file structure for the
repository.  Is there any reason not to support the file protocol?

If it seems like a good option, you could patch the documentation with
something like the diff below.

- Morgan

Index: doc/pages/packaging.textile
--- doc/pages/packaging.textile (revision 672348)
+++ doc/pages/packaging.textile (working copy)
@@ -508,8 +508,9 @@
  repositories.release_to = 'sftp://john:secret@release/usr/share/repo'

-We're using the SFTP protocol, currently the only protocol Buildr
uses for
-uploads.  The URL contains the release server ("release"), path to
+Currently "SFTP" and "file" are the only protocols Buildr uses for
+and in this example we're using the SFTP protocol.
+The URL contains the release server ("release"), path to repository
  ("user/share/repo") and username/password for access.  The way SFTP
works, you
  specify the path on the release server, and give the user
permissions to create
  directories and files inside the repository.  The file system path
is different

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