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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject Re: [buildr] Java.tools_jar
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 01:56:01 GMT
On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 1:50 PM, lacton <> wrote:
> When running 'rake spec', I get the following error.
> <quote>
> /home/lacton/projects/buildr/trunk/tmp/src/main/java/
> package com.sun.mirror.apt does not exist
>      import com.sun.mirror.apt.AnnotationProcessor;
>                                ^
> 1)
> RuntimeError in 'javac compiler should include tools.jar dependency'
> </quote>
> My analysis is:
> 1. 'java/compilers.rb' tries to add tools.jar to the class path by
> adding "Java.tools_jar" to "dependencies".
> 2. The Java module doesn't have a 'tools_jar' method since revision
> 693281, so 'Java.method_missing' is called instead and a
> Java::Tools_jar package is dynamically created.
> 3. The CompileTask tries to compile with "javac -classpath
> Java::Tools_jar".  This invalid classpath element is ignored and
> compilation is done without tools.jar in the compiler classpath.
> 4. The test case "it 'should include tools.jar dependency'" in
> java_compilers_spec.rb fails because tools.jar is missing from the
> compiler classpath.
> Is it the spec or the code that's wrong?

Spec is correct, you want tools.jar included in the classpath,
otherwise certain things break, annotations is one of them (used by
the spec).  Back in the days you had to add it explicitly, by calling
Java.tools_jar, which turned out to be a nuisance because a) people
forgot to do it, b) on some platform there is no tools.jar, so you get
an empty result.

So right now tools.jar is supposed to be included always by default,
and Java.tools_jar should probably return something meaningful for
bugwards compatibility so it doesn't break code that still uses it
(when version < 1.4)


> Lacton

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