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From Ittay Dror <>
Subject project groups
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 17:54:40 GMT

I have a situation where I have several components that use a set of 
common projects. To illustrate, assume components (projects) A and B use 
projects in 'common'. Now, what I would like to have is a way for a user 
to build component A or B, so that the 'common' projects are also built. 
The problem is that while all projects should be built, there's only 
runtime dependency (so I can't use compile.with).

I could make A:build depend on common:build, but this looks awkward 
(This is of course a toy example, in reality I have many components and 
many projects).

In general, the issue is that currently projects belong to just one 
group (one parent project) and I'd like a way to group them in other ways.

Any suggestions?

One thing that I thought of is to make recursive_task define 
dependencies on child projects, rather than on the parent project (as is 
the case today). Then, I could just add 'common' (defined before) to the 
list of 'projects' of A or B and then after_define of A will make 
A:build depend on common:build.


Ittay Dror <>

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