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From Ittay Dror <>
Subject Re: Quick Start Documentation
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 06:27:42 GMT

Daniel Spiewak wrote on 07/30/2009 11:29 PM:

> I have removed the misleading section (my fault!) and replaced it with
> something a little more realistic: how to use local JAR files.  I also
now according to the example i still need to download the jar manually. 
why not keep the old way but simply use the jar download, not the zip:

DBPOOL = ‘net.snaq:dbpool:jar:4.8.3’
download artifact(DBPOOL) => 

define ‘killer-app’ do
project.version ‘0.1.0’
compile.with DBPool

package :jar


> looked into adding a snibblet about buildr -T, but I couldn't find a
> reasonable spot for it.  The problem is that buildr -T doesn't show custom
> tasks, so it would require quite a few caveats if we stuck it in the Custom
> Tasks section.
> Daniel
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Daniel Spiewak <>wrote:
>>  > I think we mention buildr --help somewhere in the document (or maybe
>>> it's in
>>>> the install guide).  I think that listing the available tasks would just
>>> add
>>>> extra noise though.  You were the one who wanted to trim things down!
>>>  :-)
>>> You've got me there :)
>>> What about mentioning "buildr -T"? I could imagine mentioning this as a
>>> tip in the section about custom tasks, because the natural question when
>>> reading about custom tasks would be "what tasks are already available,
>>> and what's left to me?"
>> Ok, I can see that fitting fairly nicely.  I'll add it when I get the
>> chance.
>>>  Well, I just noticed that right now (in your quickstart branch) there's
>>> again the explanation how archives (.zip) can be downloaded and that/how
>>> artifacts are extracted from the downloaded file. IIRC I had replaced
>>> this by a tip mentioning, that buildr provides several methods for
>>> retrieving artifacts. I'd prefer a general tip that buildr can do a lot
>>> more that what's described in the quickstart and refer to the
>>> appropriate documentation page.
>> I disagree, that's why I re-added the section you removed.  :-)  I think
>> the fact that Buildr can download and extract artifacts automagically from
>> zip files is really a huge selling point, particularly for people like me
>> who had always been skeptical about Maven because of the restricting nature
>> of its repositories.
>> We could add a quick line that mentions how powerful the artifact task is
>> and then links to the detailed docs.  That would cover the "artifact from
>> local jar" case, but I think we really need to leave the downloading zip
>> archive bit as it stands.
>>  Is it possible that I'm just looking at the wrong quickstart? What's the
>>> leading repo/branch?
>> I think you're probably on the right branch.  The current HEAD of the
>> quickstart development is at git:// /
>> quickstart.  Feel free to pull from this branch, make changes, etc.  Before
>> I merge back into trunk/, I'll grab any of your changes and take them along
>> with me.
>> Daniel

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