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From Daniel Spiewak <>
Subject Re: Quick Start Documentation
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 18:55:27 GMT
> that's a really good idea! And a great quick start!


> I scanned through your quick start, read the first paragraphs and then
> began to scroll - it got a little bit too detailed at the end. E.g. for
> a quick start I'd just mention how dependencies/artifacts are defined,
> but I would not explain how buildr caches them. For such further
> information the text could hyperlink to an appropriate section in the
> full documentation. I'd also ignore things like the artifacts task, as
> the "normal" build lifecycle does not include this task - at least for
> me.

True, @artifacts@ can be omitted, especially since @build@ takes care of
that for you.  As for the very last bits about Rake tasks, I really think
that should be left in some form.  Maybe we could simplify things a bit, but
custom tasks are such a fundamental part of Buildr, I don't think we can
just ignore them, even for a quick start.

> I'd focus on keeping this quick start as short as possible and leave out
> (link to) things that are not necessarily required to get the first
> simple (multi module?) project going, so that new users don't get the
> impression that buildr is kind of complex or that one needs to read a
> lot to get the basic things done.

Agreed.  Short and sweet.

> Additionally one might create two intros "buildr for maven users" and
> "buildr for ant users": e.g. for ant users it's definitely important
> that they can reuse all their ant stuff without pain, and this would
> also include an example for an ant task/target.

See my other email on this one.  To summarize, I think the concepts
presented in such tutorials would be so alike as to really merit merging
into one, as I have done.  Maybe we could add a few p(tip) sections about
"such-in-such in Ant/Maven equals this-and-that in Buildr"?

> So if I can help with anything please let me know :)

Famous last words.  :-)  I hardly consider my text to be sacred, so if you
feel like a section needs to be deleted, a paragraph needs to be added, or a
sentence needs to be re-worded, please, feel free!  I seem to recall that
you cloned the Git repo.  Feel free to make changes and commit the results.
If you give me a public clone URL for your repo, I'll pull your changes,
review and push them up to the SVN.  This is just documentation stuff, so I
don't think that a separate ASF agreement is necessary.  (is it?)


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