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From Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt <>
Subject POM uploaded multiple times for attached artifacts
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 09:09:16 GMT
When executing 'buildr upload' on a simple java project with the 
following buildfile, the pom gets uploaded twice; once for each package

define 'attachedartifacts' do = "attached"
   project.version = "1.0"


This doesn't work when uploading to a 'release' maven2 repository as 
these often don't allow updating of files. In practice I'm trying to 
upload to a release repository on a Nexus server.

Is this intentional behavior of buildr or is this a bug? Any idea how to 
work around this problem?

If you guys can give me some pointers, I can work on a patch for this. I 
think to correct this the upload operation for each artifact should be a 
task itself as well. This would ensure upload is only invoked once for 
each pom.


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