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From Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt <>
Subject Improved Maven repository handling
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 07:54:57 GMT

I'm investigating how I can make build a better behaved citizen when it 
comes to uploading stuff to a maven repository. Specifically I would 
like to improve the handling of snapshot uploads. Right now these don't 
seem to get any special treatment. Instead I would like to make buildr 
upload timestamped builds and update the maven-metadata.xml file.
I've been looking at different solutions and currently have the 
following list of options:
- Derive the logic from the Maven source code and implement a work-alike 
in Ruby
- Integrate the Maven ant tasks
- Investigate if ivy4r can be used to provide this functionality

The ivy4r route turned out to be a dead end as ivy doesn't seem to 
handle maven-metadata on uploads. By default it doesn't upload a pom.xml 
That leaves me with the first two options. I would like to get some more 
seasoned developer's opinion on this before I really start developing 
this. What would the 'preferred' implementation be? Are there any plans 
on the table to tackle this already?



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