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From Rhett Sutphin <>
Subject Native ant support in JRuby 1.5
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 20:39:58 GMT

The JRuby team just announced that JRuby 1.5 is going to have built-in  
support for ruby-language access to ant tasks:

I mention this because it will probably affect buildr in some way.   
But I also bring it up because the announcement might be a good place  
to mention that buildr and antwrap allow you to do some of this today  
with either MRI or JRuby.  Unfortunately, intensedebate is blocking me  
from signing up (it rejects my OpenID as invalid and I am not  
receiving an account validation message when I sign up the traditional  

I'll try again later, but if someone else wants to beat me to  
commenting, feel free.


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