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From Antoine Toulme <>
Subject Buildr 1.4.0 release vote
Date Sat, 24 Apr 2010 17:08:41 GMT
We're voting on the source distributions available here:


The documentation generated for this release is available here:

The official specification against which this release was tested:

Test coverage report:

The following changes were made since 1.3.5:
 Added:  BUILDR-405 Enhance the idea7x extension to supply a task to delete
generated files
          (Peter Donald)
* Added:  Support for regexps in include and exclude patterns (BUILDR-406)
* Added:  Support for Scala 2.8 compiler-level change detection and
* Added:  Continuous compilation
* Added:  Generic documentation framework (using the `doc` task).  Replaces
          `javadoc` task
* Added:  New "test:failed" task to execute only tests that failed during
          run (Antoine Toulme)
* Added:  Project extensions (before/after_define) now support dependency
          similar to Rake (e.g. before_define(:my_setup => :compile)
* Added:  BUILDR-328 Detect Eclipse plugin project with
          and Bundle-SymbolicName: entry
* Added:  Support for Eclipse classpath variables to avoid absolute
pathnames in
          generated .classpath using:
            eclipse.classpath_variables { :VAR => '/path/to/libraries' }
* Added:  Support for excluding libraries from Eclipse classpath using:
            eclipse.exclude_libs += ['/path/to/some/library.jar']
* Added:  Environment variable IGNORE_BUILDFILE can be set to "yes" or
          "true" to ignore changes in Buildfile when running tests.
* Added:  "buildr test=only" will only run tests explicitly specified on the
          command line (and ignore transitive test dependencies)
* Added:  ArtifactNamespace.{keys,clear} methods
* Added:  BUILDR-326 Support unzipping tar.gz files (Antoine Toulme)
* Added:  BUILDR-368 Support protocol buffer code generation
          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
* Added:  BUILDR-375 Buildr now recognizes buildfile.rb and Buildfile.rb
          (Kerry Wilson)
* Added:  BUILDR-390 Buildr::group() should accept :classifier argument
* Added:  BUILDR-407 Exclude and include patterns should support lambdas or
* Added:  BUILDR-408 Filter include() and exclude() should accept Rake tasks
* Added:  BUILDR-409 archive.include() should convert arguments to artifact
          if applicable
* Added:  ScalaTest now generates JUnit XML reports in addition to text
* Change: Updated to Ant 1.8.0
* Change: Updated to Cobertura
* Change: Updated to Groovy 1.7.1
* Change: Updated to JRuby 1.4.0
* Change: Updated to JtestR 0.5
* Change: Updated to JUnit 4.7
* Change: Updated to JMock 2.5.1 (Antoine Toulme)
* Change: Updated to RJB 1.2.0
* Change: Updated to Scala Specs
* Change: Updated to ScalaCheck 1.6
* Change: Updated to ScalaTest 1.0.1
* Change: Updated to json_pure 1.4.0
* Change: Load buildr.rb from $HOME/.buildr instead of $HOME
          ($HOME/buildr.rb is still loaded with deprecation warning)
* Change: BUILDR-400 Don't forbid projects to use their own compiler after
one has been guessed
* Change: BUILDR-401 Don't set compiler to output warnings if verbose
* Change:['scala.version'] now overrides SCALA_HOME to
          determine which Scala libraries used for compiling.  If both are
          are provided and reference the same Scala version, then local
          jars from SCALA_HOME are used.
* Change: Tagline changed from "The build system that doesn't suck" to
"Build like you code"
* Fixed:  BUILDR-208 ansi control characters are printed on Windows (Pepjin
Van Eeckhoudt)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-348 Buildr fails on windows with jruby and ODE 1.X
* Fixed:  BUILDR-183 Can't define root artifact namespace outside of project
          (Ittay Dror)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-223 Release Task: customizable commit message (Alexis
* Fixed:  BUILDR-232 buildr should print the class of an exception, not just
          its message (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-233 Can't specify version in artifact namespace
* Fixed:  BUILDR-267 Skipping tests is only done after they are compiled
          (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-281 Application#initialize fails if home dir isn't writable
* Fixed:  BUILDR-327 Specifying :plugin eclipse nature explicitly fails
* Fixed:  BUILDR-330  Install task should re-install artifact even if they
          already exist (Alexis Midon)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-334 Eclipse .classpath files use absolute paths for
          entries (Stefan Wasilewski)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-336 Prints Command Without --trace
          (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-341 jruby -S extract is no longer supported by jruby
          (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-344 Buildr::TestFramework::TestResult::YamlFormatter uses
          deprecated form of example_pending (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-345 Improve project documentation (Peter Schröder)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-346 Test classpath can not be set (Peter Schröder)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-347 Compile.from does not work correctly with FileTask when
          no compiler is set (Peter Schröder)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-349 resources.filter should use defaults from profile.yaml
          even if mapping is provided
* Fixed:  BUILDR-360 Reintroduce tag_name instance method for Git release
task for
          backward compatibility (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-361 Generate Eclipse .project file even if project has no
          nature.  Also prevent generation of .project if project has
          children. (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-364 Package spec should be set to a Symbol when :file is
          used (Klaas Prause)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-365 test task should use test compile dependencies
* Fixed:  BUILDR-366 Scala dependencies should be lazily loaded into
* Fixed:  BUILDR-373 Package type specific implementations of install,
          uninstall and upload are not invoked (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-379 Ant sql task abruptly terminates buildr
* Fixed:  BUILDR-380 GitRelease: recursive search for root '/' does not work
          under Windows (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-381 JUnit tests on Groovy project fail with
          NoClassDefFoundError: junit/framework/TestCase
* Fixed:  BUILDR-382 Packages with default spec are not always created
* Fixed:  BUILDR-383 artifact().from(task_dependency) should not trigger
          task_dependency if artifact exists
* Fixed:  BUILDR-384 Buildr fails with rubygems 1.3.6
* Fixed:  BUILDR-386 Display JRuby version in buildr -V (Antoine Toulme)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-388 Continuous Compilation Support for Sub-Projects
* Fixed:  BUILDR-391 resources task does not detect changes
* Fixed:  BUILDR-392 Array values not flattened in (one version) of eclipse
          task properties (Antoine Toulme, Peter Dettman)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-306 Cobertura extension does not handle dependencies
          correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-398 FileUtils#sh does not work correctly on Windows
          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-399 invoke_with_call_chain does not restore call chain
          correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
* Fixed:  buildr test=all didn't run all tests as expected
* Fixed:  Fail-fast if package.with() or include() called with nil values
* Fixed:  Failures not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Alex Eagle)
* Fixed:  Test dependencies should include test compile dependencies
* Fixed:  Classpath correctly passed to Scala shell
* Fixed:  Removed redundant tracing of command arguments
* Fixed:  filter.using(hash) now correctly substitutes mappings with boolean
          "false" value
* Fixed:  BUILDR-404 buildr -V causes exception on JRuby
* Fixed:  BUILDR-411 fix for RDoc generation
* Fixed:  BUILDR-417 package_as_javadoc calls deprecated method
          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-412 Gemspec dependencies don't add up - to the point it's
not possible to release
* Fixed:  BUILDR-414 Provide tag_name method on GitRelease as part of API
* Fixed:  BUILDR-419 Exclusion patterns only work if they contain a wildcard
* Fixed:  BUILDR-421 The MANIFEST.MF file packaged by Buildr as permissions
set to 600
* Fixed:  BUILDR-423 MANIFEST.MF files are not closed, leading to open files
1.3.5 (2009-10-05)
* Added:  Interactive shell (REPL) support
* Added:  BeanShell as default shell for java projects, bsh is small and
          syntax provides the closest to an interpreted java. The BeanShell
          console includes a graphical class browser. Shell is named :bsh
* Added:  Mandriva (urpmi) installation support (with help from Franck
* Added:  BUILDR-56 Download Scala artifacts if not available locally
* Added:  BUILDR-163 cobertura:check (Marko Sibakov, Daniel Spiewak).
* Added:  BUILDR-295 Eclipse task: make 'M2_REPO' repository variable
* Added:  BUILDR-300 Make Eclipse task more configurable (Antoine Toulme,
Alex Boisvert)
* Change: Upgraded to rubyforge-1.0.5 and net-ssh 2.0.15
* Change: Monkey-Patched FileUtils::sh on JRuby to use POSIX `system`
* Change: Updated to Rake 0.8.7, RSpec 1.2.8 and JRuby-openssl 0.5.2.
* Change: Updated to easyb 0.9 (Joel Muzzerall)
* Change: Updated to TestNG 5.10
* Change: Updated to JRuby 1.3.1
* Fixed:  BUILDR-23 Support for setting file mode when packaging (Ittay
* Fixed:  BUILDR-278 tasks/*.rake files are loaded after the buildfile
(Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-282 release goal should not strip leading '0' digits from
version numbers.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-289 Improved error message when JAVA_HOME points to an
invalid JRE/JDK installation
* Fixed:  BUILDR-290 Dependencies cannot be downloaded over SSL.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-291 Local tasks do not support arguments (Ittay Dror).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-292 Workaround for JRUBY-3381 on
* Fixed:  BUILDR-301 TestNG doesn't report failure if more than one test
* Fixed:  BUILDR-307 Failures are not reported correctly for ScalaTest
(Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-313 Prevent release with uncommitted_files on Git 1.4.3+
(Alexis Midon)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-315 Fix Eclipse .classpath for local libraries (Mat
* Fixed:  BUILDR-304 Referencing an existing package task using the package
          method fails if the package has a custom filename (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-322 When specifying files (instead of directories) as
sources for compile task,
          Buildr uses target directory timestamp only (not compiled output
* Fixed:  BUILDR-324: Regression - baseDir system property is not set when
executing tests [Alexis Midon]
* Fixed:  BUILDR-325: Overriding package spec with classifer doesn't work
(Antoine Toulme)

Here is my +1.


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