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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon / Thoughtworks TechRadar
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2012 03:04:59 GMT

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 5:21 AM, Tammo van Lessen <> wrote:
> First, I got a Buildr talk accepted at ApacheCon EU in Sinsheim, Germany,
> which I held just yesterday.


> I got a lot of positive feedback, people seem
> to like the buildr idea although it also seems that Maven improved since
> the inception of Buildr and some things are less worse. The most visible
> argument against buildr was, however, that people are used to use Maven and
> that, if they want to make their project accessible for a broad audience,
> they think they'd need to stick to Maven.

That does seem to be a common view.

> I guess Gradle tries to address
> this issue by providing a "gradle-wrapper", which is a small jar file along
> a shell script that you can include into your project and that will
> bootstrap a gradle installation automatically. I also figured, that still
> many Java developers don't have rubies at hand and don't know how to easily
> install a gem.

And one stage, Antoine was working on the "all-in-one" distribution
that essentially bundled a version of jruby with buildr and all it's
dependencies in one easy installer. I wonder if we could work on this
to ease adoption of buildr for the casual user.

Where I work we use Chef ( extensively
and they release their tool in "omnibus" editions that are essentially
a complete version of ruby for n-different platforms. They preinstall
the chef gems in the ruby they distribute but they make sure that the
only things that are added to the path are the che executables. I
wonder if this would be a good thing for us to consider?

> Second, I stumbled upon ThoughtWorks TechRadar [2]. In particular, I liked
> the first paragraph of the Tools section ;)

It is kinda neat. Possibly the best thing we can do is to increase
awareness ... I think your approach to giving a talk is a good idea.


Peter Donald

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