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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Moving _(:target, :generated) to top level of project
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2012 03:20:03 GMT

So I have been looking at a bunch of different projects (mostly
commercial) and how they use buildr. One thing I noticed is that a
large proportion of them move  _(:target, :generated) to the top level
of the project. So a typical project may look like;

layout =
layout[:target, :generated] = "generated"

define "myproject", :layout => layout do
  project.clean { rm_rf _(:target, :generated) }

The main reason for this seems to be ease of integration into IDEs.

I only really use IntelliJs IDEA but I know that at least for that IDE
we exclude the intermediate directory (i.e. _(:target) ) from the
project and this makes it impossible to view the generated source in
the IDE. So to enable development in the IDE they move it out of the
target hierarchy.

* Do you think we should make this the default?
* Alternatively, should we create an addon that makes this the
"default" behaviour?


Peter Donald

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