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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [VOTE] Buildr 1.5.6 release
Date Wed, 09 May 2018 23:53:54 GMT
We're voting on the source distributions available here:


The documentation generated for this release is available here:

The following changes were made since 1.5.5:

  * Fixed:  Ensure that the username and passwords declared for
repositories are correctly url encoded for

            the upload repositories when converted to a URL. (i.e. Ensure

            and `Buildr.repositories.snapshot_to` settings can have
usernames and passwords with special


  * Added:  Add support for allowing some dependencies to include
transitive dependencies via the

            `pom.include_transitive_dependencies` configuration setting.

  * Added:  Add support for adding dependencies to the pom via the
`pom.additional_dependencies` configuration

            setting. These dependencies are `compile` scope and are in
addition to any derived from the normal

            compile dependencies.

  * Fixed:  GWT Addon: Use version `1.0.2` of the
`` artifact

            when using GWT 2.8.2 to align with version shipped with GWT.

  * Fixed:  Dependencies added as `pom.provided_dependencies` or
`pom.runtime_dependencies` and not included

            as compile dependencies were incorrectly omitted from pom.

  * Fixed:  Dependencies added as `pom.provided_dependencies` and
`pom.runtime_dependencies` were being

            incorrectly duplicated within the pom dependencies section. Now
provided dependency scope takes

            precedence over runtime scoped dependency.

  * Fixed:  Dependencies added to POMs will specify the classifier unless
it is the default value.

  * Added:  Add the `project.pom.dependency_filter` configuration property
that can be set to a proc. The proc

            accepts a dependency and returns a boolean that determines
whether the dependency is included in

            the generated pom or not.

  * Fixed:  POMs generated by Buildr use the parent pom
`org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent:pom:7` but this

            generates a warning in the latest version of Maven. Modern
versions of Maven would thus

            ignore transitive dependencies declared in the pom. The parent
pom has now been upgraded

            to `org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent:pom:8` which will result in
modern Maven correctly picking

            up transitive dependencies.

  * Change: JaCoCo Addon: Update JaCoCo version to 0.8.0 which in turns
supports Java9.

  * Added:  GWT Addon: Added support for `:gwtc_args` parameter to supply
arbitrary parameters to

            the GWT compiler.

  * Added:  Add support for sha512 digests to be generated for files during
the upload. This is typically

            configured by adding `sha512` to the list of digests via a line
such as:

            `repositories.release_to[:options] = {:digests => [:md5, :sha1,

  * Fixed:  The default upload tasks would often get a ReadTimeout when
uploading using http to a remote

            server that did not have `KeepAlive` socket option enabled and
the upload took more than 60

            seconds (the default socket read timeout). Some commercial
maven repositories could trigger

            this scenario during upload of even modest size artifacts.
Default the read_timeout to 10 minutes

            when during upload to work address this issue.


Peter Donald

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