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From "Adam Crain" <>
Subject extracting jars from zip
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:55:56 GMT

First, thanks for the help last week in getting buildr installed with
gem 1.3.6 and nice tool! I've now successfully gotten quite of bit
working with a mixed java/scala set of projects.

I am now trying to get a non-maven artifact dependency setup against a
downloaded zip file and am having some trouble. I've been using the
examples at:

My problem is that I can't seem to ever get the download to trigger...
here's my build file with the unrelated stuff removed:

require 'buildr/scala'

GROUP = "frontend"

# Specify Maven 2.0 remote repositories here, like this:
repositories.remote << ""

my_layout =
my_layout[:source, :main, :java] = 'src'

#trying to setup an artifact extracted from a remote zip here
qpid_url =
download_qpid = download(qpid_url => 'target/')
unzip_qpid = unzip('target/qpid'=> download_qpid)
qpid_client_jar =

desc "The scada bus project"
define "frontend", :layout=>my_layout do

  project.version = VERSION_NUMBER = GROUP
  manifest["Implementation-Vendor"] = COPYRIGHT

  desc "Front end processor in Scala"
  define "fep", :layout=>my_layout do
    compile.with [QPID_CLIENT], projects('javadnp3','fepproto') #I
expect this should be triggering a download


The rake error is: 

Don't know how to build task

Apparently it sees the file dependency, but doesn't follow the => unzip
=> download dependency chain. I'm sure I'm just doing something silly...


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