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From Jean-Philippe Caruana <>
Subject transitive dependancies for my projects only
Date Fri, 07 May 2010 12:01:06 GMT

I would like to use transitive dependancies in buildr but only for my 
projects and not for external libs, so  compile.with 
transitive('org.apache.wicket:wicket:jar:1.4-rc6') is not what i'm 
looking for (1.4-rc6, what a cool version name !)

If I have to projects A & B with B depending from A. B is a war, so I 
need to have all dependancies needed by A, otherwise I'll have a 
NoClassDefFoundError in runtime

define 'myProject' do
	define 'A' do
		compile.with DEP_A_1, DEP_A_2, DEP_A_3
		package :jar
	define 'B' do
		compile.with project('A'), DEP_A_1, DEP_A_2, DEP_A_3
		compile.with DEP_B_1, DEP_B_2
		package :war

I know I can write
compile.with project('A'), project('A').compile.dependancies
but I find it quite verbose and not very convinient when there are not 1 
but 7 projects or more. I have 60 modules in my project and there are a 
lot of duplications.

I would like to write it that way :

define 'myProject' do
	define 'A' do
		compile.with DEP_A_1, DEP_A_2, DEP_A_3
		package :jar
	define 'B' do
		compile.with transitive(project('A'))
		compile.with DEP_B_1, DEP_B_2
		package :war

and even better "compile.with transitive(projects('A', 'other'))"

this didn't work (under buildr 1.3.5)

Buildr aborted!
undefined method `invoke' for nil:NilClass
/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5/lib/buildr/core/application.rb:400:in `raw_load_buildfile'
/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5/lib/buildr/core/application.rb:218:in `load_buildfile'
/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5/lib/buildr/core/application.rb:213:in `load_buildfile'

despite inside artifact/package.rb there is a "when Project" in the 
transitive method

   def transitive(*specs)
     specs.flatten.inject([]) do |set, spec|
       case spec
       when /([^:]+:){2,4}/ # A spec as opposed to a file name.
         artifact = artifact(spec)
         set |= [artifact] unless artifact.type == :pom
         set |= POM.load(artifact.pom) { |spec| 
artifact(spec) }
       when Hash
         set |= [transitive(spec)]
       when String # Must always expand path.
         set |= transitive(file(File.expand_path(spec)))
       when Project
         set |=  transitive(spec.packages) 

       when Rake::Task
         set |= spec.respond_to?(:to_spec) ? transitive(spec.to_spec) : 
       when Struct
         set |= transitive(spec.values)
         fail "Invalid artifact specification in: #{specs.to_s}"

I know I could write some my_transitive method, but I would imagine this 
could be done in buildr right away. Is there any way to do this ?


-- Jean-Philippe Caruana
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