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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Buildr 1.4.16 released
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 11:19:50 GMT
Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support
for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools.  We wanted
something that's simple and intuitive to use, so we only need to tell it what
to do, and it takes care of the rest.  But also something we can easily extend
for those one-off tasks, with a language that's a joy to use.

New in this release:

  * Added:  Add the ability to generate a html report when using the
            jacoco addon. Extracted from the ode project.
  * Fixed:  Remove the projectname.ids file when rebuilding the idea
            project file avoiding conflict with idea.
  * Fixed:  Avoid passing duplicate -keep parameters to wsimport from
            wsgen addon.
  * Change: Improved the error handling when generating java from wsdl
            in the wsgen addon.
  * Change: Upgraded the Checkstyle plugin to use checkstyle 5.7 that
            improves Java 7 compatibility.
  * Added:  Add support for configuration of the schema-pattern,
            table-pattern and default-schemas settings in idea's
            data source definitions.
  * Change: Upgraded the PMD plugin to use pmd 5.0.5 which for Java 7
  * Change: Derive the version of GWT in gwt addon from supplied
  * Fixed:  Include the compiled classes on path for GWT addon to
            ensure the GWT compiler can load annotations.
  * Change: Derive the GWT version from build settings if not
            explicitly specified by GWT addon.
  * Change: Support prefixing the version generated by the
            gwt_auto_version addon with the environment
            variable "VERSION_PREFIX".
  * Fixed:  Support overriding the GWT version used by the GWT addon.
  * Fixed:  Fix problem when the :dependencies option was not
            passed to the GWT addon.
  * Fixed:  Avoid crash in GPG addon if unable to create a pom
            for an artifact.
  * Fixed:  Correct location of Git mirror in the README. Submitted
            by Marcos Sainz.

To learn more about Buildr and get started:

The Apache Buildr Team

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