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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: creating a branch
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 17:20:52 GMT

On Sep 28, 2010, at 11:40 AM, Donald Woods wrote:

> Hi Matt, looks like you've been making a lot of progress with this.

Yeah, I'm using this in $work on a mean deadline.  :)

> Any updates on the release schedule for the new commons-lang3?

:(  Perhaps I need to make a little noise there.

> Also how is commons-proxy2-stub being used in bval-jsr303d?

I created proxy2-stub to have a typesafe way of creating Annotation proxies, and went ahead
and designed that on top of a more generic proxy stubbing mechanism.  As I have mentioned
here and there the approach is inspired by Mockito's stubbing mechanisms.  I believe I first
brought proxy2-stub into bval-jsr303d for convenience in creating unit tests:  especially
considering that the domain explictly IS dynamic constraints, it seemed appropriate.  proxy2-stub
became more of an optional dependency I suppose (and I'll mark it as such) when I began using
it in the ConstraintAppender implementation for the dynamic Values and Values.Labeled constraints
I baked into bval-jsr303d as a verification of the adequacy of the ConstraintAppender interface.

>  Is the
> dynamic api prototype support, which could remain in sandbox after we
> pull the commons-lang3 updates over into trunk?

I had a little trouble parsing that--I think you're asking could the dynamic stuff remain
behind "on probation" in the sandbox after integrating the lang3 changes to the other modules.
 I don't see why not--there should be no dependency on bval-jsr303d from any of the other


> -Donald
> On 8/6/10 11:29 AM, Matt Benson wrote:
>> All:
>>  I have been experimenting with some of the type-related code in bval-core and bval-jsr303.
 As I mentioned before, I am using commons-lang3's TypeUtils class for this work, and as I
don't feel like doing weird temporary-copying things, I am thinking of creating a branch for
experimentation that permits SNAPSHOT dependencies so that I can get my ideas committed someplace,
particularly because some of them might bear discussion.  Does anyone have a preference on
what I name this branch?  I don't really want to name it anything specific to my own name
or anything like that, because I have no intention of discouraging others from working in
this branch.  This is only necessary to keep lang3's release schedule from becoming a blocker.
>> Thanks for listening,
>> Matt

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