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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject Re: DML operations in csv-optiq
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2014 06:05:56 GMT

ModifiableTable seems to be the right approach. There’s probably something subtle preventing
it from working.

My guess is that the problem is that you have a EnumerableTableModificationRel (enumerable
convention) whose child is ValuesRel (none aka logical convention). To find a useful plan,
you need to find implementations of all nodes in something other than logical convention.
In this case, the child needs to be of enumerable convention.

See how JdbcTableModificationRule.convert calls 'convert(modify.getChild(), traitSet)’ with
the child del it passes to new JdbcTableModificationRel( … )? You should probably also call
convert before passing a del to new EnumerableTableModificationRel.

When you have it successfully calling EnumerableTableModificationRel.implement you’re almost
there. Then the challenge will be to generate the appropriate code to (I presume) modify the
.csv file.


On Sep 30, 2014, at 1:28 PM, Garcia, Sonia <> wrote:

> Dear Julian,
> I am trying to add DML operations support to the csv-optiq project, but so far I couldn't
make it work. In a previous  Mongo-optiq post I saw your suggestion about implementing ModifiableTable.
So This is exactly what I am doing in the  CsvTable class.
> However, when I am trying to run this query:
> 0: jdbc:optiq:model=target/test-classes/model> insert into "DEPTS" ("DEPTNO", "N
> AME") values(19, 'test');
> I keep getting a bunch  of errors (see below). Is there anything else I should do? I
couldn't find any examples using this ModifiableTable, so if you could point me to any, it
 would be very helpful.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sonia
> Error: while executing SQL: insert into "DEPTS" ("DEPTNO", "NAME") values(19, 'test')
> java.sql.SQLException: while executing SQL: insert into "DEPTS" ("DEPTNO", "NAME
> ") values(19, 'test')
>        at net.hydromatic.avatica.Helper.createException(
>        at net.hydromatic.avatica.AvaticaStatement.execute(
> :70)
>        at sqlline.Commands.execute(
>        at sqlline.Commands.sql(
>        at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch(
>        at sqlline.SqlLine.begin(
>        at sqlline.SqlLine.start(
>        at sqlline.SqlLine.main(
> Caused by: org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptPlanner$CannotPlanException: Node [rel#227
> :Subset#1.ENUMERABLE.[]] could not be implemented; planner state:
> Root: rel#227:Subset#1.ENUMERABLE.[]
> Original rel:
> EnumerableTableModificationRel(subset=[rel#227:Subset#1.ENUMERABLE.[]], table=[[SALES,
DEPTS]], operation=[INSERT], updateColumnList=[[]], flattened=[true]): rowcount = 1.0, cumulative
cost = {1.0 rows, 0.0 cpu, 0.0 io}, id = 226
>  ValuesRel(subset=[rel#225:Subset#0.NONE.[]], tuples=[[{ 19, 'test' }]]): rowcount =
1.0, cumulative cost = {1.0 rows, 1.0 cpu, 0.0 io}, id = 223
> Sets:
> Set#0, type: RecordType(INTEGER DEPTNO, VARCHAR NAME)
>        rel#225:Subset#0.NONE.[], best=null, importance=0.9
>                rel#223:ValuesRel.NONE.[](type=RecordType(INTEGER DEPTNO, VARCHAR NAME),tuples=[{
19, 'test' }]), rowcount=1.0, cumulative cost={inf}
>        rel#230:Subset#0.ENUMERABLE.[], best=rel#229, importance=0.45
>                rel#231:AbstractConverter.ENUMERABLE.[](child=rel#225:Subset#0.NONE.[],convention=ENUMERABLE,sort=[]),
rowcount=1.0, cumulative cost={inf}
>                rel#229:EnumerableValuesRel.ENUMERABLE.[](type=RecordType(INTEGER DEPTNO,
VARCHAR NAME),tuples=[{ 19, 'test' }]), rowcount=1.0, cumulative cost={1.0 rows, 1.0 cpu,
0.0 io}
> Set#1, type: RecordType(BIGINT ROWCOUNT)
>        rel#227:Subset#1.ENUMERABLE.[], best=null, importance=1.0
>                rel#226:EnumerableTableModificationRel.ENUMERABLE.[](child=rel#225:Subset#0.NONE.[],table=[SALES,
DEPTS],operation=INSERT,updateColumnList=[],flattened=true), rowcount=1.0, cumulative cost={inf}
>        at org.eigenbase.relopt.volcano.RelSubset$CheapestPlanReplacer.visit(Rel
>        at org.eigenbase.relopt.volcano.RelSubset.buildCheapestPlan(RelSubset.ja
> va:286)
>        at org.eigenbase.relopt.volcano.VolcanoPlanner.findBestExp(VolcanoPlanne
>        at$
>        at$
> :282)
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