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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject Fwd: Last chance: ApacheCon is just three weeks away
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2017 17:16:24 GMT
Calcite community,

If you've never attended ApacheCon, you should give it serious consideration.

I'm giving a couple of talks about Calcite, there are lots of talks
about other Apache Big Data projects, and the conference is packed
with Apache folks (committers, board members). A great place to

Plus, Miami!

And there is a discount if you are a committer.


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From: Rich Bowen <>
Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 6:46 AM
Subject: Last chance: ApacheCon is just three weeks away
To: Rich Bowen <>

ApacheCon is just three weeks away, in Miami, Florida, May 15th - 18th.

There's still time to register and attend. ApacheCon is the best place
to find out about tomorrow's software, today.

ApacheCon is the official convention of The Apache Software Foundation,
and includes the co-located events:
  * Apache: Big Data
  * Apache: IoT
  * TomcatCon
  * FlexJS Summit
  * Cloudstack Collaboration Conference
  * BarCampApache
  * ApacheCon Lightning Talks

And there's dozens of opportunities to meet your fellow Apache
enthusiasts, both from your project, and from the other 200+ projects at
the Apache Software Foundation.

Register here:

More information here:

Follow us and learn more about ApacheCon:
  * Twitter: @ApacheCon
  * Discussion mailing list:
  * Podcasts and speaker interviews:
  * IRC: #apachecon on the

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!

Rich Bowen - VP Conferences, The Apache Software Foundation

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