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From Muhammad Gelbana <>
Subject Difficulties with implementing a table for a custom convention
Date Sat, 04 May 2019 10:47:52 GMT
I implemented a new convention but I'm facing difficulties with
implementing tables for that convention.

Since I need to apply my convention rules and converters, I assume I must
implement TranslatableTable so I can override the RelNode produced by the
toRel method and provide the rules I need through the
RelNode.register(RelOptPlanner planner) call back (Is there another way ?)

At the same time, I need for my table's RelNode to implement my
convention's interface.

After implementing TranslatableTable and my convention's interface, I
discovered that my table's RelNode have to either implement an interpreter
node or the InterpretableRel interface. But this led to what seems to me as
that my table scan is executed twice.

I tried many things, such as having my table extend TableScan,
AbstractEnumerable2 QueryableTable and other interfaces/class that either
didn't give me what I want or failed with strange exceptions.

What I need is to implement my table scan following the same convention I'm
writing. So what is the correct way to do this ?

The MongoDB adapter way is to implement the TranslatableTable and the
QueryableTable interfaces, but that's confusing me. I mean, it's already
implementing its own new convention interface, why would it need to
implement another one to implement its table scans ? I thought while
executing the final plan, the first calcite identified node (enumerable or
bindable, enumerable as in MongoDB adapter's example), the interpreter
would execute that node, which will internally execute all its input nodes
including the table scan, correct ?


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