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Message listThread · Author · Date [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4066] data mismatch observed with SI and without SI when SI global sort and SI segment merge is true Tue, 01 Dec, 16:02 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4064] Fix tpcds query failure with SI Tue, 01 Dec, 16:04 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-3978] Support .Trash folder Wed, 02 Dec, 01:38 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4052] Handled insert overwrite scenario for SI Wed, 02 Dec, 06:37 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4020] Fixed drop index when multiple index exists Wed, 02 Dec, 08:43 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4022] Fix invalid path issue for segment added through alter add segment query Thu, 03 Dec, 14:06 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4046] Handled multiple partition columns for partition cache Thu, 03 Dec, 14:20 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4050]Avoid redundant RPC calls to get file status when CarbonFile is instantiated with fileStatus constructor Thu, 03 Dec, 14:26 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4054] Support data size control for minor compaction Fri, 04 Dec, 01:58 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4029] [CARBONDATA-3908] Issue while adding segments through alter add segment command Fri, 04 Dec, 11:46 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4067]: Removing force option in clean files command and changing behaviour when MFD, Compacted and stale Inprogress segments can be deleted Sat, 05 Dec, 10:25 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4062] Refactor clean files feature Mon, 07 Dec, 15:51 [carbondata] branch master updated: [HOTFIX] Refact Carbon Util Fri, 11 Dec, 01:46 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4069] [CARBONDATA-4068] handled set streaming and long string for SI table or table having SI Wed, 16 Dec, 06:56 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4081] Fix multiple issues with clean files command Thu, 17 Dec, 11:27 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4087] Handled issue with huge data (exceeding 32K records) after enabling local dictionary in Presto Thu, 17 Dec, 11:32 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4077] Refactor and Fix Insert into partition issue with FileMergeSortComparator Thu, 17 Dec, 11:57 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4080] Wrong results for select count on invalid segments Thu, 17 Dec, 14:28 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4078] Add external segment and query with index server fails Thu, 17 Dec, 15:06 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4072] Clean files command is not deleting .segment files for the segments added through alter table add segment query. Fri, 18 Dec, 09:50 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4071] Fix wrong values of date or timestamp child columns on reading through SDK Fri, 18 Dec, 10:19 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4076] Fix MV having Subquery alias used in query projection #4038 Fri, 18 Dec, 12:12 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4084] Fixed data corruption issue after fallback of Local dictionary Fri, 18 Dec, 12:36 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4092] Fix concurrent issues in delete segment API's and MV flow Mon, 21 Dec, 11:04 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4093] Added logs for MV and method to verify if mv is in Sync during query Mon, 21 Dec, 11:17 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4094]: Fix fallback count(*) issue on partition table with index server Tue, 22 Dec, 13:38 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4089] Create table with location, if the location doesn't have scheme, the default will be local file system, which is not the file system defined by fs.defaultFS Wed, 23 Dec, 06:26 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4095] Fix Select Query with SI filter fails, when columnDrift is Set Wed, 23 Dec, 08:37 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4088] Drop metacache didn't clear some cache information which leads to memory leak Wed, 23 Dec, 14:16 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4099] Fixed select query on main table with a SI table in case of concurrent load, compact and clean files operation Tue, 29 Dec, 08:56 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4100] Fix SI segments are in inconsistent state with maintable after concurrent Load & Compaction operation Wed, 30 Dec, 03:28 [carbondata] branch master updated: [CARBONDATA-4073] Added FT for missing scenarios and removed dead code in Presto integration Wed, 30 Dec, 08:07
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