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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "RunningCassandra" by EricEvans
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2010 22:41:59 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "RunningCassandra" page has been changed by EricEvans.
The comment on this change is: removed off-topic material, documented cmd options to startup


+ Startup of a Cassandra node is handled by the `bin/cassandra` shell script. Options used
by `bin/cassandra` are taken from a shell snippet, `/bin/` by default.
- When you run bin/cassandra, by default it takes its JVM options and configuration directory
from bin/
- Among other things, the defaults include a maximum heap size (-Xmx) of 1GB, which you will
want to modify appropriately for your hardware, being sure to specifiy a size under the amount
of RAM. by default ("") also exposes
the JmxInterface on port 8080. The thrift service (which clients connect to) is set by a storage-conf.xml
option ("RPCPort") and defaults to port 9160. Nodes also communicate between each other on
port 7000.
- To connect to a default server running on localhost via the command line client :
- {{{
- cassandra-cli -host localhost -port 9160
- }}}
- If you run into issues connecting via jconsole to the JmxInterface port from a remote machine,
it may be the JVM option '-Djava.rmi.server.hostname'.  This may need to be set to a particular
interface like '-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=$IP' (where $IP is the ip address of the interface
you can reach from the remote machine).  Java defaults to the ip address of "localhost" which
is mostly likely not what you want.
- You may also run into issues connecting to the JMX interface (even locally) because by default
JMX binds to IPv6 if it's available (netstat -nap | grep 8080).  This case is also solved
by passing '-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=$IP' explicitly as a JVM option.  This will prompt
JMX to bind to the given IPv4 IP address so that nodetool can access it.
  You can override the options script to use with CASSANDRA_INCLUDE.  E.g.,
@@ -21, +10 @@

  $ CASSANDRA_INCLUDE=/tmp/ bin/cassandra
+ Among other things, the defaults in `bin/` include a maximum heap size (-Xmx)
of 1GB, which you'll almost certainly want to considering tailoring for your environment.
The port to access Cassandra's JmxInterface is also configured here through the ``
property and defaults to 8080. 
+ Additionally, the script recognizes a number of command line arguments, invoking the script
with the `-h` option prints a brief summary of them.
+ {{{
+ $ bin/cassandra -h
+ Usage: bin/cassandra [-f] [-h] [-p pidfile]
+ $
+ }}}
+ The `-f` argument will prevent Cassandra from daemonizing and force it to run in the foreground.
The `-p <pidfile>` argument causes the process ID to be written to the named file (useful
for shutdown ala `kill $(cat pidfile)`).
  Note: The Debian package makes use of an init script and [[|jsvc]]
to start and stop Cassandra. Startup options should be configured in /etc/default/cassandra
(not /usr/share/cassandra/ on Debian systems.
  See also [[Operations]]

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