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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cassandra Wiki] Update of "LiveSchemaUpdates" by gdusbabek
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 02:02:38 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "LiveSchemaUpdates" page has been changed by gdusbabek.
The comment on this change is: Clarified under which situations manual cleanup is required
after crashing during a migration..


  === Server Migration Process ===
  Applying a migration consists of the following steps:
   1. Generate the migration, which includes a new version UUID.
+    a.  `DROP`s only: snapshot the data that is going away.
   2. Update `SCHEMA_CF` with a new schema row.
   3. Update `MIGRATION_CF` by appending a migration column.
   4. Update the `"Last Migration"` row in `SCHEMA_CF`.
   5. Flush the definitions table.
-  6. Update runtime data structures (create directories, etc.)
+  6. Update runtime data structures (create directories, do deletions, etc.)
  === Handling Failure ===
  A node can fail during any step of the update process.  Here is an examination of what will
happen if a node fails after each part of the update process (see Server Migration Process
   1. Nothing has been applied. Update fails outright.
+    a.  Same. You will have an extra snapshot though.
   2. Extra data exists in SCHEMA_CF but will be ignored because "Last Migration" was not
   3. Extra data exists in SCHEMA_CF and MIGRATION_CF but will be ignored because "Last Migration"
was not updated.
   4. '''Broken''': commit log will not be replayed until *after* schemas are loaded on restart.
 This means that the "Last Migration" will be read, but will not be able to be loaded and
-  5. Startup will happen normally.
+  5. Startup will happen normally. 
   6. Startup will happen normally.
+ If a node crashes during a migration, chances are you will have to do some manual cleanup.
 For example, if a node cashes after steps 4 or 5 of a `DROP` migration, you will need to
manually delete the data files.  (Not deleting them does no harm unless you 'recreate' the
same CF via `ADD` later on. Then you have an instant database.)
  === Starting Up ===
  When a node starts up, it checks `SCHEMA_CF` to find out the latest schema version it has.
 If it finds nothing (as would happen with a new cluster), it loads nothing and logs a warning.
 Otherwise, it uses the uuid it just read in to load the correct row from `SCHEMA_CF`.  That
row is deserialized into one or more keyspace definitions which are then loaded in a manner
similar to the load-from-xml approach used in the past.

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