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From "Anthony Grasso (Jira)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (CASSANDRA-16066) Create tooling and update repository layout to render new website
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2021 11:00:00 GMT


Anthony Grasso commented on CASSANDRA-16066:

 [~mck], thank you for taking the time to review the changes and for the feedback. Please
see my replies to each point below.

{quote}the doap.rdf file must remain
The file has now been restored on the {{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066}} branch.

{quote}the {{}} is intense.
Agreed. The idea behind using bash was to avoid the user having a particular language installed.
Given the complexities of the script, we should migrate it to Python in the long term. Most
non containerised linux versions these days have a version of Python as standard.

{quote}in {{site-content/Dockerfile}} the defaults should be

The defaults are now changed as suggested on the {{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066}} branch.

{quote}currently the pull request contains 70 commits, many check-point and many duplicated
commits. It should only be ~6 commits, like the anthony/CASSANDRA-16066 branch.
The {{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066}} branch was created to be committed to {{trunk}}. The changes
on the {{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066}} branch have been created by squashing the commits on the
{{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066_full_history}} branch. Hence, the changes made by both branches
are identical. Note, both include the two changes listed in the feedback above.

Should we close pull request [#68|] and
open a new one that merges the {{anthony/CASSANDRA-16066}} branch instead?

> Create tooling and update repository layout to render new website
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: CASSANDRA-16066
>                 URL:
>             Project: Cassandra
>          Issue Type: Task
>          Components: Documentation/Website
>            Reporter: Anthony Grasso
>            Assignee: Anthony Grasso
>            Priority: Normal
>              Labels: pull-request-available
>         Attachments: image-2020-09-05-13-24-13-606.png, image-2020-09-06-07-17-14-705.png
> *We want to modernise the way the website is built*
>  Rework the cassandra-website repository to generate a UI bundle containing resources
that Antora will use when generating the Cassandra documents and website.
> *The existing method is starting to become dated*
>  The documentation and website templates are currently in markdown format. Sphinx is
used to generate the Cassandra documentation and Jekyll generates the website content. One
of the major issues with the existing website tooling is that the live preview server (render
site as it is being updated) is really slow. There is a preview server that is really fast,
however it is unable to detect changes to the content and render automatically.
> *We are migrating the docs to be rendered with Antora*
>  The work in CASSANDRA-16029 is converting the document templates to AsciiDoc format.
Sphinx is being replaced by Antora to generate the documentation content. This change has
two advantages:
>  * More flexibility if the Apache Cassandra documentation look and feel needs to be updated
or redesigned.
>  * More modern look and feel to the documentation.
> *We can use Antora to generate the website as well*
>  Antora could also be used to generate the Cassandra website content. As suggested on
the [mailing list|] this
would require the existing markdown templates to be converted to AsciiDoc as well.
> *Antora needs a UI bundle to style content*
>  For Antora to generate the document content and potentially the website content it requires
a UI bundle ( The UI bundle contains the HTML templates (layouts, partials,
and helpers), CSS, JavaScript, fonts, and (site-wide) images. As such, it provides both the
visual theme and user interactions for the documentation. Effectively the UI bundle is the
templates and styling that are applied to the documentation and website content.
> *The [cassandra-website|] repository can be
used to generate the UI bundle*
>  All the resources associated with templating and styling the documentation and website
can be placed in the [cassandra-website|] repository.
In this case the repository would serve two purposes;
>  * Generation of the UI bundle resources.
>  * Serve the production website content.
> *The [cassandra|] repository would contain the documentation
material, while the rest of the non-versioned pages would contain that material*
>  * All other material that is used to generate documentation would live in the [cassandra|]
repository. In this case Antora would run on the [cassandra/doc|]
directory and pull in a UI bundle released on the GitHub [cassandra-website|]
repository. The content generated by Antora using the site.yml file located in this repo can
be used to preview the docs for review.
>  * All other non-versioned material, such as the blogs, development instructions, and
third-party page would live in the GitHub [cassandra-website|]
repository. Antora will generate the full website using the site.yml located in this repo,
using both as content sources the material located in both the [cassandra|] and [cassandra-website|]
> *Design, content, and layout would remain the same*
>  This proposal means the roles of each repository will change. In addition, the workflow
to publish material will change as well. However, the website design, content, and layout
will remain the same.
> As an added bonus the tooling would allow for a live preview server that is fast and
responsive. However, the time to build and generate the {{nodetool}} and Cassandra YAML AssciDoc
files will still take in the order of minutes to complete.
> *The [cassandra-website|] repository would
need to be modified*
>  The following changes would need to be made to the [cassandra-website|]
> ||File/Directory||Action||Reason||
> |[content/|]|keep|Production site
content served from this directory|
> |[src/_data/|]|delete|_site.yml_
and _antora.yml_ include this info|
> |[src/_includes/|]|delete|Replace
with UI bundle components|
> |[src/_layout/|]|delete|Replace
with UI bundle components|
> |[src/_plugins/|]|delete|Replace
with UI bundle components|
> |[src/_posts/|]|move|Convert to
AsciiDoc format and place in [cassandra|] repository|
> |[src/_sass/|]|delete|Replace with
UI bundle components|
> |[src/_templates/|]|move|Convert
to AsciiDoc format (template format for blog posts) and place in [cassandra|]
> |[src/blog/|]|delete|Replace with
_index.adoc_ that will be the initial page for blogs|
> |[src/css/|]|delete|Replace with UI
bundle components|
> |[src/doc/|]|delete|Content already
generated with Antora in [cassandra|] repository|
> |[src/icons/|]|keep|Probably needed
for site generation but might be moved to a different folder|
> |[src/img/|]|keep|Probably needed
for site generation but might be moved to a different folder|
> |[src/js/|]|delete|Replace with UI
bundle components|
> |[src/Gemfile|]|delete|Replace
with node modules|
> |[src/Gemfile.lock|]|delete|Replace
with node modules|
> |[src/Makefile|]|delete|Replace
build mechanism with Gulp and Docker|
> |[src/README|]|delete|Place information
and instructions in top level README|
> |[src/_config.yml|]|delete|Replaced
by _site.yml_|
> |[src/|]|delete??|This
file is out of date|
> |[src/|]|move|Convert
to AsciiDoc and place in [cassandra|] repository|
> |[src/|]|move|Convert
to AsciiDoc and place in [cassandra|] repository|
> |[src/index.html|]|keep|Might
need to convert to AsciiDoc and place in [cassandra|] repository|
> |[src/robot.txt|]|keep|Needed
by site|
> |[src/|]|move|Convert
to AsciiDoc and place in [cassandra|] repository|

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