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From "Peration" <>
Subject 管理IP不知道被什么占用,管理IP被耗尽
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:38:40 GMT
ssvm和cpvm在cloudstack UL中手动删除时会自动释放IP,但是重启物理机器后ssvm和cpvm使用过的IP不会自动释放,每次重启管理IP总会减少直至管理IP耗尽,从而导致ssvm启动不起来。必须到cloud数据库表中手动释放,不知道为何?

管理节点以及数据库 主存储以及二级存储和计算节点都是安装在一台物理机器,cloudstadck版本4.4.2+KVM+centos6.5

ssvm and cpvm cloudstack UL automatically released when manually delete IP, but ssvm and cpvm
used IP does not automatically restart after the release of the physical machine, each time
you restart the management IP management IP is always reduced until exhausted, leading to
ssvm start up. Must go to the cloud database tables manually released, I do not know why?

Management node and primary storage and secondary storage, database and compute nodes are
installed on a single physical machine, cloudstadck version 4.4.2 + KVM + centos6.5‍
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