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From Justyn Shull <>
Subject Re: Snapshots not working when using S3 (ceph) ACS 4.4.0
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:16:13 GMT
Thanks for the tip, Sanjeev.   The snapshot is around ~2.5gb.

I found the “s3.singleupload.max.size” parameter and changed it to 0 so that multi-part
upload is always used, and restarted cs management.     So far, I am still getting the same
error I pasted before:

> Exception: Attempt to put /dev/VG_XenStorage-c2c8fe9f-59af-f4d7-52e1-5853bbf47be8/VHD-fa86335b-806f-4355-944f-856eb41d1ac9
that does not exist.

I tried digging through the code a little, and I think I found where the filename gets set:
1067:    protected String backupSnapshotToS3(final Connection connection, final S3TO s3, final
String srUuid, final String folder, final String snapshotUuid,
1068:                                        final Boolean iSCSIFlag, final int wait) {
1070:        final String filename = iSCSIFlag ? "VHD-" + snapshotUuid : snapshotUuid + ".vhd";
1071:        final String dir = (iSCSIFlag ? "/dev/VG_XenStorage-" : "/var/run/sr-mount/")
+ srUuid;
1080:            parameters.addAll(Arrays.asList("operation", "put", "filename", dir + "/"
+ filename, "iSCSIFlag", iSCSIFlag.toString(), "bucket", s3.getBucketName(), "key”,

I haven’t figured out what sets that iSCSIFlag, but it seems like in my case it shouldn’t
be set if it should be uploading the .vhd file, right?

On Nov 13, 2014, at 11:46 PM, Sanjeev Neelarapu <<>>


You have followed correct steps in updating the secondary storage from NFS to S3.  CS would
upload the .vhd created on NFS to S3.

What is the size of the snapshot? It it is >5GB can you enable multipart upload and try
You can find the global setting parameter to enable multipart upload.


-----Original Message-----
From: Justyn Shull []
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2014 11:35 PM
Subject: Snapshots not working when using S3 (ceph) ACS 4.4.0

I’m trying to enable object storage (ceph using the S3 radosgw) as a secondary store for
an existing cloudstack installation, and running into some issues.    There was already an
existing NFS store being used as the secondary storage, so I used the updateCloudToUseObjectStore
api call (using cloud monkey) with these params(keys changed):

update cloudtouseobjectstore name=cephs3 zoneId=749cde04-531a-4e1f-bfa2-ad7f7854b1f8 url=xxx
details[0].key=accesskey details[0].value=xxx details[1].key=secretkey details[1].value=xxx
details[2].key=bucket details[2].value=CLOUDSTACK details[3].key=endpoint details[3].value=

1) There were no errors from that call, and as far as I can tell it changed the old NFS store
to ‘ImageCache’ and created the new s3 store in the database.  I’m not sure what else
to check for to see if that was successful, or if there are any long-running processes that
it triggers..

However, I tried creating a volume snapshot to test and that is where I’m running into issues
now.     Cloudstack appears to create the snapshot on NFS (I think this part is normal), but
then when it goes to upload the snapshot to S3 - it’s using the wrong local path.   This
is the log from the hypervisor (XenServer 6.1.0 w/ local storage):

2014-11-13 10:23:17    DEBUG [root] #### VMOPS enter s3 #### ####
2014-11-13 10:23:17    DEBUG [root] #### VMOPS Enetered parseArguments with args: {'maxErrorRetry':
'null', 'key': 'snapshots/4/54/VHD-2862dc6b-c057-4bb4-9d70-b263fc1086c9', 'maxSingleUploadSizeInBytes':
'5368709120', 'accessKey': ‘xxx', 'bucket': 'CLOUDSTACK', 'filename': '/dev/VG_XenStorage-85dfb820-d810-716b-89cb-0e1303da2c2b/VHD-2862dc6b-c057-4bb4-9d70-b263fc1086c9',
'secretKey': ‘xxx', 'socketTimeout': 'null', 'endPoint': '', 'https': 'false',
'connectionTimeout': 'null', 'operation': 'put', 'iSCSIFlag': 'true'} ####
2014-11-13 10:23:17    DEBUG [root] #### VMOPS Operation put on file /dev/VG_XenStorage-85dfb820-d810-716b-89cb-0e1303da2c2b/VHD-2862dc6b-c057-4bb4-9d70-b263fc1086c9
from/in bucket CLOUDSTACK key snapshots/4/54/VHD-2862dc6b-c057-4bb4-9d70-b263fc1086c9 ####
2014-11-13 10:23:17    DEBUG [root] #### VMOPS Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/etc/xapi.d/plugins/s3xen", line 414, in s3
   client.put(bucket, key, filename, maxSingleUploadBytes)
 File "/etc/xapi.d/plugins/s3xen", line 325, in put
   raise Exception(
Exception: Attempt to put /dev/VG_XenStorage-85dfb820-d810-716b-89cb-0e1303da2c2b/VHD-2862dc6b-c057-4bb4-9d70-b263fc1086c9
that does not exist.
2014-11-13 10:23:17    DEBUG [root] #### VMOPS exit s3 with result false ####

2) I’m assuming it should be trying to upload the .vhd it created on the nfs store, but
I am not sure whether it’s a config issue or some sort of bug somewhere that is causing

3) Am I correct in assuming the general snapshot flow should be like this?
(all on hypervisor)  Mount NFS -> create .vhd snapshot from localstorage/lvm -> upload
.vhd from NFS to S3/objstor -> delete .vhd from nfs

Any help would be appreciated,


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