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From Erdősi Péter <>
Subject software iSCSI (debian wheezy) on Xen 6.2 + CS 4.3
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 00:02:28 GMT

I faced with a strange problem, when configured iscsi storage one of my 
The Vm has 2 dedicated vif (which is connected to 10GB/s NICs), and i 
successfully logged in to iSCSI with them.
When I started some dd write test, it's going with 200-230MB/s (on whole 
100GB size, and the VM has 4G mem, so it was not cacheing)
After that, I started read test (simple copy from multipathed block 
device to /dev/null) and the read speed is around 30MB/s.

I know, it's not exactly a CS question, but may somebody faced this kind 
of problem too.

(cause the LUN is 48TB, I cannot add it to CS as primary storage, or if 
I do it, I need to add the whole 48T in ~2TB chunks... However if i 
connect iSCSI to Xen, the read and write speed is normal...)


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