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From Timothy Lothering <>
Subject RE: Secondary Storage VM & Console Proxy creation failure
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2015 09:50:52 GMT
Hi Daniel,


I suggest you have a look further in the logs, the " InsufficientServerCapacityException"
usually indicates that the server you are trying to provision to does not meet your templates
requirements. There are 2 parts to this and I will explain by way of an example:

You have a 2 Socket, 16 Core Server with 64GB RAM, the server cores are rated at 2.0GHz, if
you have a template which has been defined as 2.0GHz, theoretically, this should work, but
if you look at what the Host system says is available (i.e. 1999MHz), the server will be deemed
as having insufficient capacity.

With this said, have you modified the default service offering for your Console Proxy and/or
Secondary storage? Also, I suggest you look to see if the Host is in maintenance Mode. Logs
will be your best bet

Timothy Lothering
Solutions Architect
Managed Services

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From: Partha Goswami [] 
Sent: 06 March 2015 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: Secondary Storage VM & Console Proxy creation failure

just keep basic default networking and try i had same issue solved that way

On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 2:57 PM, Daniel Kollmer <>

> Hash: SHA1
> Hello everyone
> I am new here, so please bear with me if I submit a newbie question.
> I have installed Cloudstack 4.5 on CentOS 7 with a setup that includes 
> one physical machine as manager, one as hypervisor with KVM and one as 
> DB/storage. All three can freely communicate with each other.
> I have imported the System VM template, made sure primary and 
> secondary storage are accessible across the network and mounted (they 
> are), checked whether the System VM appears in secondary storage (it
> does) but yet I keep getting the following errors on my management 
> server
> WARN  [c.c.c.ConsoleProxyManagerImpl] (consoleproxy-1:ctx-0e6c9d6a) 
> Exception while trying to start console proxy
> Unable to 
> create a deployment for VM[ConsoleProxy|v-1-VM]Scope=interface
>; id=1
> WARN  [o.a.c.alerts] (consoleproxy-1:ctx-0e6c9d6a)  alertType:: 10 //
> dataCenterId:: 1 // podId:: null // clusterId:: null // message::
> Console proxy creation failure.
> WARN  [o.a.c.s.SecondaryStorageManagerImpl]
> (secstorage-1:ctx-f61d7363) Exception while trying to start secondary 
> storage vm
> Unable to 
> create a deployment for 
> VM[SecondaryStorageVm|s-1733-VM]Scope=interface
>; id=1
> WARN  [o.a.c.alerts] (secstorage-1:ctx-f61d7363)  alertType:: 19 //
> dataCenterId:: 1 // podId:: null // clusterId:: null // message::
> Secondary Storage Vm creation failure. zone
> I can see both the console proxy and the System VM in the System VM 
> tab of the Infrastructure overview but I simply can not start them. I 
> can also not create any instances, I simply get no choice of a 
> template even though the System VM template is marked as "ready". I 
> even imported an ISO but that also does not show up as a choice during 
> instance creation.
> I do not understand the InsufficientServerCapacity message, there is 
> definitely enough capacity both in storage and in memory.
> Can anybody give me a pointer what might be going on here?
> If you need to have more information, please let me know.
> Thanks in advance.
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> (0)6 29 13 96 47
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> Zq1sPJeZTIBDCOq4+deTJzazh29R4blFEq6GjJw3ttGSrgR0/5we12sb2K2mtN/0
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> prO/K9s99pj16QeUZg/r
> =zW7k
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