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From Simon Weller <>
Subject Re: Cloudstack and KVM clusters,
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:59:01 GMT

KVM live migration really relies on whether the underlying shared storage (and file system)
supports the ability to provide data consistency during a migration. You never ever want a
situation where 2 hosts are able  to mount and write to the same volume concurrently.

You can live migrate in KVM today using the following underlying file systems/methods:

1. NFS
3. Clustered Logical Volume Management (CLVM) on top of SAN exposed storage via iSCSI,FC or

It's also possible to build your own storage driver and set a LUN to read only on a particular
host using your SANs API.

Solidfire, Nexenta and Cloudbyte have also added storage drivers more recently that may provide
support for live migration, but as I'm not personally familiar with these storage platforms,
I'll leave it up to others to comment if they wish.

- Si

From: Rafael Weingartner <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 3:36 PM
Subject: Cloudstack and KVM clusters,

Hi folks,

I was looking a matrix of Cloudstack compatibility matrix at,

Slide 25 seemed to show that we cannot have clusters of KVM in CS? Is that
true? Is it possible to live migrate VMs between KVM hosts that are not
clustered in CS?

Rafael Weingärtner

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