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From Rene Moser <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] CloudStack Ansible Collection
Date Sat, 08 Aug 2020 08:40:57 GMT
Hi CloudStack users

Some may rembember, I am the author and maintainer of the official
cloudstack modules and want to give a heads up what has been going on
behind the scenes.

Ansible 2.10 is a now ACD (Ansible Community Distribution) the upstream
project of Red Hat Ansible Engine and has a fully distributed
development approach.

ACD consist of Ansible Collections and Ansible Base. Community supported
modules have been migrated into the trunk of a collection
community.general or into dedicated collections, such as AWS, OpenStack,

(To get an idea which collections are in ACD, see,
these are are the <namespace>.<collection> released on<namespace/<collection>.)

This model allows to develop, release and maintain plugins independently
of the release cycle of ACD, ansible even allows to install newer
collections than what is released in ACD.

That is why I pick it up and created a dedicated CloudStack collection
hosted on
which is part of ACD and will be included with ansible 2.10 once released.

I invite you to join the working group on

for ansible cloudstack modules and help maintain them as a community.

(I do accept sponsoring and provide commercial support as a freelancer role)


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