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From Andy Nguyen <>
Subject Secondary storage doesn't work
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2021 05:33:39 GMT
Short version: identical nfs export for primary and secondary. Primary works fine, secondary
mounts but doesn't write.

Long version:
I asked this on reddit
but didn't get much light on the matter.
Hypervisor host: Alma Linux + QEMU KVM + Cloudstack Agent + nfsd
Start a VM, also run Alma Linux + Cloudstack Management.

Mount both primary and secondary via the web interface, that completed without error.
Went and add ISO and I got "Request Failed (530) There is no secondary storage VM for downloading
template to image store Secondary"

I can manually mount the NFS shares and read/write to it from inside the VM without problem,
so it's clearly not NFS nor permission problem.

Any help on where I may start with troubleshooting? What log should I be looking at?

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