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From Eric Green <>
Subject Re: Will Cloudstack work with existing KVM server?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2021 05:52:20 GMT
Cloudstack will not, however, manage existing KVM virtual machines, 
which is what Chris wants to do. While that is theoretically possible, 
there's currently no practical way to populate the Cloudstack MySQL 
database with the information needed to make that happen. It appears his 
desire is to manage his current virtual machines with CloudStack, and 
currently the only way to do that is to upload their disk image to 
Cloudstack as a template, then deploy them to Cloudstack as a new 
virtual machine.

On 8/12/2021 10:43 PM, Suresh Anaparti wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Yes, CloudStack works with existing KVM, you can check the server requirements and installation
details here:
> Regards,
> Suresh
> ´╗┐On 13/08/21, 11:04 AM, "Chris Jefferies" <> wrote:
>      I have an existing server running ubuntu 16.04 and it's been running KVM for quite
a while.  Mostly I use virt-manager GUI over xwindows to manage my VMs.  Looking now for a
web UI that can work with that.
>      Can Cloudstack be used as a remote manager, perhaps even running in a separate VM
instance, which is configured to manage the parent libvirt/qemu.
>      Can it discover the existing setup and be retrofitted with the existing configs,
storage pools (mostly LVM), etc.
>      If not, does anyone have suggestions.  Thanks.

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