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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Saxon Integration (Newbie)
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 14:15:45 GMT

> Think I've found a couple of problems in the sitemap.xsl file
> Line 430 
> XSLTFactoryLoader:hasSubstitutions(@pattern)
> should maybe read:
> XSLTFactoryLoader:hasSubstitutions($factory-loader, @pattern)
> Line 921 
> XSLTFactoryLoader:escape($pattern-value)
> should maybe read:
> XSLTFactoryLoader:escape($factory-loader, $pattern-value)
> Making these changes I can manually run the stylesheet against my sitemap -
> I am guessing that maybe Xalan is less fussy about the missing java objects
> (although I don't know how!). Haven't tried re-creating the jar and
> re-trying C2 yet though.
> Can somebody tell me if these are C2 bugs - or are they there for a reason -
> or am I seeing some differences in usage of Saxon and Xalan?

Yes, these are bugs. I corrected this, and the updated sitemap.xsl is
available in CVS.

> More generally - if they are bugs - who should I submit changes to - or
> should I make changes myself somehow (I'm not averse to making the changes
> myself in CVS - but have never contributed directly to an Open Source
> project before so don't know the procedure/etiquette etc.)

You can register bugs in bugzilla at
If you have solved the bug, you can attach the patch (using diff -u) to
the bug entry.

Only committers can write in CVS, but a way to become one is to send so
many patches that we vote to allow you to apply your patches by yourself

> Sorry if these are repetitive questions - I couldn't search the archives as
> the disks were down and I only started using Cocoon (and joined the list)
> yesterday.

Great : one day, one bug. Keep on !

> Thanks
> Luke


Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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