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From Karl Øie <>
Subject RE: Inserting / Comining XML data
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 16:30:08 GMT
>Glad to know somebody has had similar thoughts/needs.
>I will try this. You're right this doesn't replace generators - but it does
>allow you to quite easily implement some sort of "Pull MVC" model a opposed
>to the generator push model - and will allow me to use my existing
>stylesheets mostly unchanged.

i think this is quite sexy, the pull MCV is very nice for content modeling.
Say you got 4000 fragments of xml and you want to create different documents
for different users with content from some of these fragments. with the pull
consept you can just assemble a stylesheet that uses document() to include
the selected and personalized content for the user.

with push you will have to write a generator, and a really flexible one to
compete with the xsl!!!

if you get this to work, i would like to know your experiences with it as i
see this as a thing we sould try to get the xml.cocoon-dev people to
recognize! :-)

since i can see that this is what you are looking for, check out this link : , i
found the clues to do what i did from this email, and it also contains some
source code that you can look at.

mvh karl øie

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