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From "lucas" <>
Subject Passing POST parameters to a request.
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:14:25 GMT

I must send a parameter to an external cgi. This cgi only implements doGet()
method, and couldn't be changed.
¿How can i pass parameters to this external server using POST method?.
I have a pipeline like that:

	<map:match pattern="exec/external">
	<map:act type="request">
          <map:parameter name="parameters" value="true"/>
          <map:generate src="">
          	<map:parameter name='XML' value="{XML}"/>
      <map:serialize type="html"/>

and I have a a servlet which create the parameter(XML) and links to this

	res.sendRedirect("http://myserv:8080/myproject/exec/external?XML=" +

I know the parameter is well-formed (probed), and the cgi also works. But a
get a message from the external server warning me that i have not sended any
parameter ..........
¿what can i do?

thanks in advance.

Lucas Pons Bayarri
Etra I+D
Valencia, Spain
+34 96 330 40 82

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