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From "lucas" <>
Subject problems with Jtidy
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 10:41:50 GMT
Hi All,

I have a problem integrating Jtidy into my cocoon application. Any Help is

I am using Cocoon and JDOM to generate the XML at the server and applying a
certain XSLT stylesheet to it. At a certain point of the transformation, I
need to insert a mal-formed HTML into the XSLT output stream. I believe I
can use JTidy to actually convert this to a well-formed HTML and then have
it inserted into the output. My problem is that I just cant start off.

How do I reference the XSLT to call the Jtidy application. Can Jtidy accept
a ill-formed HTML on the fly, generate a XHTML and send the XHTML and the
control back to the XSLT for further processing.

If anybody has done this, a small piece of code will be nice.


Lucas Pons Bayarri
Etra I+D
Valencia, Spain
+34 96 330 40 82

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