Thanx a lot.
Not even a small hint. Mabe I should ask the developer-mailinglist...
No thanx,
    Christofer Dutz
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From: Christofer Dutz
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 10:57 AM
Subject: get the file creation/modification date ???

Hi. I am posting this request once again. It is very important for me.
When accessing a file in the filesystem with a Java program I can get some information about when the file was last modified. "fileObject.getLastModified()". I desperately need to access this Information. If this isn't possible can anyone give me a hint, where to start looking in the Cocoon 1.8 source-code in order to patch cocoon to provide me this information ( an additional method getLastModified() in the servlet baseclass ( or something else ))?
This should be a thing a lot of people would like to have ( I think )
    Christofer Dutz