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From Remmerie Bart <>
Subject [CForms] repeaters, identity & guids
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:38:06 GMT
Dear all,

I have been using repeaters & bean-binding in the past, so I think I can
pretend to know the basic principles, but the following problem seems to
exceed my knowledge:

I have a basic form with a basic repeater, linked to a basic beanList.
Each bean in the list contains 3 fields (id (string), title (string) &
status (string))
The id-field is a unique identifier (uuid-hex <= generated by Hibernate)

When I set up the binding as follows:

<fb:repeater id="myList" parent-path="." row-path="beanList">
        <fb:value id="identifier" path="id" />
        <fb:value id="myTitle" path="title"/>
        <fb:value id="status" path="status"/>
        <fb:insert-bean classname="myTest.myBeanList"

The value of the id is never present in the generated html (I tried using

BUT, when I put <fb:value id="identifier" path="id" />
in the <fb:on-bind> part, the id-value is visible in the generated html

In both cases I have a problem when deleting a row (row-action) => the rows
are not identified & the number of rows get doubled.

I'm pretty sure that I only need to solve the identity problem to get the
delete-row problem fixed, but I've been breaking my brains over this
(probably very simple) problem for 2 days now.

Anyone can help ??
I've tried to apply the information found in the 'losing identity values in
repeater'-thread without success


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