So how did you accomplish the task in the end. Via the zip method?


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All sorted.. thanks for your help ;-)

On 13 Jan 2005, at 16:58, beyaRecords wrote:

Any ideas anybody?

On 13 Jan 2005, at 13:01, jiBeya wrote:

in regards to my earlier question I have come across the zip serializer:

<zip:archive xmlns:zip="">
<zip:entry name="foo.html" src="cocoon://dynFoo.html"/>
<zip:entry name="images/bar.jpeg" src="bar.jpeg"/>
<zip:entry name="index.html" serializer="html">
<title>Index page</title>
Please go <a href="foo.html">there</a>

Could someone explain to me what this code does as it makes no sense to me?

The process i want to implement is as follows:

1. Credit card payments for track( artists music) is accepted
2. The user is then sent an email confirming their purchase. In the email i will provide a link which when clicked will enable the download of the zip containing the purchased tracks.

The above have already been implemented, minus the link.

So is it possible once the link has been clicked in the email to start a process which will dynamically zip up the purchased tracks and then download the zip package? Or is it better to have a zip package already sitting on the server, and clicking the email link will start downloading a zip which already exists in a specific location?


On 12 Jan 2005, at 21:04, Benedikt Heinen wrote:

I doubt that this would ever be possible to do in a pure HTTP environment,
because you won't be able to send all the files at once. Instead, why not
package the mp3's in a zip container, and transfer that one? Alternatively,
you could simply generate a download page listing the file locations.
However, the zip method seems to be a smarter idea.

Haven't tried it yet - only just thought about it - and it's surely ugly as hell, but would it be possible to achieve the individual download by creating a page with several frames, one with a link to return to the main menu (or home page), and the every other frame pointing at one of the files to download...

In theory, while the browser loads the page, it should ask you again and again what to do with the files, right?


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