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From Stephen Rosman <>
Subject <map:reader> can't find files with spaces in their names
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 02:23:23 GMT
I'm using cocoon 2.2.

I'm trying to build a cocoon presentation layer on top of an
subversion repository. A user makes a request and the cocoon
application checks to see if a directory index needs to be added, adds
menus and navigation trails, handles mobile formatting etc but does a
ci:includexml to get the content of the page from the subversion

Some of the files in the subversion repository have spaces in the file
names (and it's not feasible to have a repository without any URL
encoding required characters) which are decoded (by the matcher?) and
then passed off to the reader which makes a request of the source
resolver without re-encoding the spaces (I think).

I assume this is what is happening because I get a FileNotFound error
when using <ci:includexml> with the src set stuff from the request
generator but it works when I use xslt to replace the spaces with
%20s.  I can fix the problem when constructing pages using xslt but
not for images and other stuff that needs to be <map:read>.

Am I going to have to write my own reader that does URL encoding?

Stephen Rosman

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