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From "Jan Piotrowski (Sujan) (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Closed] (CB-14052) Exits with 0 when build fails
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2018 17:47:00 GMT


Jan Piotrowski (Sujan) closed CB-14052.
    Resolution: Later

Migrated to

> Exits with 0 when build fails
> -----------------------------
>                 Key: CB-14052
>                 URL:
>             Project: Apache Cordova
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: cordova-paramedic
>    Affects Versions: Master
>            Reporter: Darrel O'Pry
>            Assignee: Jesse MacFadyen
>            Priority: Major
> I'm using cordova-paramedic with --justbuild. The build of the app is failing, but cordova
paramedic is reporting success. You can check out one of my ci builds to see it. 
> In this case the requirements check is failing. I would expect this to return a non-zero
and fail the build.
> {code:java}
> #!/bin/bash -eo pipefail npx cordova-paramedic --cleanUpAfterRun --verbose --platform
android@6.x --plugin "." --justbuild
> cordova-paramedic: Will use the following cli: cordova(node:1495) [DEP0022] DeprecationWarning:
os.tmpDir() is deprecated. Use os.tmpdir() instead.cordova-paramedic: creating temp project
at /tmp/tmp-1495jQi7eTMc8Hh6Creating a new cordova project.
> /tmp/tmp-1495jQi7eTMc8Hh6 /home/circleci/projectcordova-paramedic: installing pluginscordova-paramedic:
installing /home/circleci/project --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier
> Adding com.unarin.cordova.beacon to package.json
> Saved plugin info for "com.unarin.cordova.beacon" to config.xml
> com.unarin.cordova.beacon 3.6.1 "Proximity Beacon Plugin"
> cordova-paramedic: installing cordova-plugin-test-framework --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier
> Adding cordova-plugin-test-framework to package.json
> Saved plugin info for "cordova-plugin-test-framework" to config.xml
> cordova-paramedic: installing /home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-paramedic/paramedic-plugin
--no-telemetry --no-update-notifier
> Adding cordova-plugin-paramedic to package.json
> Saved plugin info for "cordova-plugin-paramedic" to config.xml
> cordova-paramedic: setting app start page to test pagecordova-paramedic: adding platform
android@6.x( --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier)Using cordova-fetch for cordova-android@6.x
> Adding android project...
> Creating Cordova project for the Android platform:
> Path: platforms/android
> Package: io.cordova.hellocordova
> Name: HelloCordova
> Activity: MainActivity
> Android target: android-26
> Subproject Path: CordovaLib
> Android project created with cordova-android@6.4.0
> Installing "com.unarin.cordova.beacon" for android
> Installing "cordova-plugin-device" for android
> Installing "cordova-plugin-paramedic" for android
> Installing "cordova-plugin-test-framework" for android
> Discovered plugin "cordova-plugin-whitelist" in config.xml. Adding it to the project
> Installing "cordova-plugin-whitelist" for androidThis plugin is only applicable for versions
of cordova-android greater than 4.0. If you have a previous platform version, you do not need
this plugin since the whitelist will be built in.Adding cordova-plugin-whitelist to package.json
> Saved plugin info for "cordova-plugin-whitelist" to config.xml
> --save flag or autosave detected
> Saving android@~6.4.0 into config.xml file ...cordova-paramedic: successfully finished
adding platform android@6.xcordova-paramedic: checking requirements for platform androidRequirements
check results for android:
> Java JDK: installed 1.8.0
> Android SDK: installed true
> {{Android target: not installed }}
> Please install Android target / API level: "android-26".Hint: Open the SDK manager by
running: /opt/android/sdk/tools/android
> You will require:
> 1. "SDK Platform" for API level android-26
> 2. "Android SDK Platform-tools (latest)
> 3. "Android SDK Build-tools" (latest)
> Gradle: installed /usr/share/gradle/bin/gradle
> (node:1822) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: CordovaError: Some of requirements check
> at /home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova/src/cli.js:414:27
> at _fulfilled (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-lib/node_modules/q/q.js:787:54)
> at self.promiseDispatch.done (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-lib/node_modules/q/q.js:816:30)
> at Promise.promise.promiseDispatch (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-lib/node_modules/q/q.js:749:13)
> at /home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-lib/node_modules/q/q.js:557:44
> at flush (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/cordova-lib/node_modules/q/q.js:108:17)
> at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:131:7)
> at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:180:9)
> (node:1822) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error
originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting
a promise which was not handled with .catch(). (rejection id: 1)
> (node:1822) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated.
In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process
with a non-zero exit code.cordova-paramedic: successfully finished checking requirements for
platform androidlocal-server: scanning ports from 7008 to 7208
> local-server: port 7028 is availablelocal-server: starting local medic servercordova-paramedic:
writing medic log url to project
> Start running tests at 04:45:42
> cordova-paramedic: running command cordova build android --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier
> Skipping Appium tests...
> Completed tests at 04:45:43
> local-server: killing local file transfer server if it's up...cordova-paramedic: Deleting
the application: /tmp/tmp-1495jQi7eTMc8Hh6/home/circleci/projectFinished with exit code 0{code}
> look at the cordova-android step in any of these builds
>  * []
>  * []
>  * []
>  * []

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