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From Jeff Ramsdale <jefe...@yahoo.com>
Subject Derby, DB2, & Syntax
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:45:19 GMT
Hi all,

I've got an application that uses a DB2 database I'd
like to swap out with Derby for testing purposes. I
understand from
that Cloudscape was made to be (mostly?) syntax
compatible with DB2 and wanted to verify that's the
case with Derby.

My DB2 test database is populated by a set of SQL
scripts as well as a set of IXF files. Previously I
tried converting the scripts to HSQLDB's SQL syntax
and using that tool for testing, but the syntax was
different enough to cause trouble. In addition I
couldn't find a way to read the DB2 IXF files in
without writing a custom import tool.

So, I'm checking out Derby hoping it'll fit the bill
where HSQLDB didn't. Several questions, then...
1) Is there a tool for loading data into Derby from
IXF files?
2) How about programmatically reading SQL scripts in?
I tried the ij tool and received a number of errors
similar to those HSQLDB threw when I tried to read in
incompatible DB2 SQL. Is the ij tool the best options
for this? Which leads to:
3) What IS the syntax compatibility between DB2 and
4) Finally, I believe I saw a reference somewhere
indicating beta code existed to allow Derby (or
Cloudscape?) to run in-memory only. What's the status
of that code and if it's available how would one make
use of it?



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