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From Jeff Ramsdale <jefe...@yahoo.com>
Subject Derby, DB2, & Syntax
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 17:05:35 GMT
> Jeff Ramsdale wrote:
> | Hi all,
> | 3) What IS the syntax compatibility between DB2
> | Derby?
> There will be a document on the IBM developerworks
site that compares
> the syntax of Derby/IBM Cloudscape to DB2's
'SQL Reference for Cross-Platform Development V1.1'
> The cross platform document is at
> or go to this page and find the link for it.
> Dan.

Hi Dan, thanks for writing.

Any idea when that document will show up on
DeveloperWorks? Or will someone be posting here when
that document is available?

Currently I don't need a full syntax comparison so
much as a general comment on compatibility (though the
syntax doc will come in handy later!). Can any of the
developers speak to that? Incidentally, do the
commiters read the User list as well as the Dev list?
Would my questions more appropriately be directed to

Still hoping someone can fill me in on reading DB2
scripts into Derby (including SQL scripts and IXF data
files) and using Derby in an in-memory mode.

Thanks for the help,


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