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From Steen Jansdal <st...@jansdal.dk>
Subject Re: Derby vs. HSQL
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 11:20:40 GMT
Wes Johnson wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm in the process of evaluating databases for use in an application 
> that I'll be writing in the near future.  As performance is very 
> critical, I'm only considering in-memory and in-process DBs.
> For starters, I decided to pit Derby (actually Cloudscape 10.0) against 
> HSQL by running some extremely informal benchmarks.  Basically, what I 
> did was in a loop of 10,000, insert 4 rows in a table and then select 
> all rows.  In other words, run 40,000 inserts and 10,000 selects.
> The results greatly surprised me; for the in-process mode, HSQL came out 
> to be 3+ times faster than Cloudscape!  I attempted to tune the latter 
> by increasing page size, etc., but I wasn't able to improve 
> performance.  I did notice that HSQL was utilizing almost all of the 
> CPU, while Cloudscape was using hardly any (with java.exe hovering 
> around 3% of utilization).
> I would tremendously appreciate any suggestions for tuning Cloudscape 
> such that I can achieve the *correct* performance. :)  Or, if anyone has 
> compared Cloudscape to HSQL already (a web search turned up very 
> little), I would be very curious to hear about it.
> Thanks in advance!

Could you post the source for your benchmark program?


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