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From "Jianhui Jin" <ced1...@leeds.ac.uk>
Subject RE: Speed for millions updates
Date Sun, 19 Sep 2004 11:02:31 GMT
Thanks, my stupid mistake. It really helps.

And any reading, could u suggest, please, for heavy database computing,
any tips, I really need it, since I am building a microsimulation model
contains millions record, for consistency, I am running for a database
approach as a cache, otherwise, it might be ok for 2 million, but out of
memory for 20 million, etc.



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From: Mamta Satoor [mailto:mamta@Remulak.Net] 
Sent: 18 September 2004 17:04
To: Derby Discussion
Subject: Re: Speed for millions updates

Hi Jin,

One thing that comes to my mind is maybe you are running your updates in
Derby's default mode of autocommit true. Putting the updates in a
transaction by setting autocommit to false on the connection will
definitely speed things up in case you are not doing it.


Jianhui Jin wrote:

> Hi guys
> My database is about 60 million records, has simple data types, int or

> float. My issue is the speed to update them. My model will run on 
> those records and update them in one run.
> It seems it require huge amount of time to update them, which is not
> practical for me.
> How to make it fast. I tried using batch, didn't help, not much 
> difference to using PreparedStatement.
> Any helps.
> Jin

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