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From "B.C. Holmes" ...@bcholmes.org>
Subject Eclipse plug-in for Derby base
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 15:23:53 GMT


     My name is BC Holmes, and I've started working with the Data Tools 
part of the Eclipse Web Tools project.  One of the goals for data tools 
is to include Derby as an "easy to test with" database.  Some example 
operations include: being able to start and stop Derby (like so many 
J2EE plug-ins allow one to start and stop a J2EE container), install and 
test Java stored procedures (and debug them), etc.

     Obviously one of the plugins that needs to be created for Eclipse 
is a simple Derby plug-in.  This plug-in would simply contain the Derby 
code so that other plug-ins could call the Derby API.  There's some 
concern that if Eclipse distributes such a Derby plug-in, that it looks 
like Eclipse is endorsing one DB over another.

     So I'm interested in three things:

1) Is it reasonable that such a plug-in be maintained and released with 
the Derby project, rather than the Web Tools project?  I'm happy to 
contribute a patch for such a plug-in.

2) Is it possible to have an Eclipse "update site" from the Apache web 
site (that is, a site from which Eclipse can look for new updates to the 
Derby plug-in)?  If so, what would it take to do that?

3) Like JUnit, I expect that we'd want the plug-in release numbers to be 
in synch with the Derby release numbers.  Has the release number scheme 
been figured out?  (Does the version available from the incubator have a 
version number?)


B.C. Holmes             \u2625                  http://www.bcholmes.org/ 
"I can bend minds with my spoon."

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