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From Andrej Tibaut <andrej.tib...@uni-mb.si>
Subject RE: How to proceed ? DB test!
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 18:11:30 GMT
Hi Arun,

please find attached our database speed test results. Our test was pretty
simple...we populated 4 db's with our data and defined tipical SQL
queries...iterated them 1000 times and got each db's speed impression. I
have to emphasize that we haven't done any database optimization.

This was not the only criteria though.

In short our criteria were:
1. speed (our server database will not receive very frequent hits)
2. advanced features and optimization potential for our needs
3. open source attitude
4. potential to work with any ready made java replicator (Daffodil

That's shortly....

Our test doesn't have scientific value, but I am convinced we have made
right decision for our project.

Hope this helps.

I am open for your comments.


÷-----Original Message-----
÷From: Arun Kumar [mailto:arunkumar.hg@gmail.com]
÷Sent: 9. december 2004 13:39
÷To: Derby Discussion; andrej.tibaut@uni-mb.si
÷Subject: Re: How to proceed ?
÷Can you let me know about your "SQL-tester", what are the
÷criteria you faloowd to choose the Winner.
÷On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 13:31:12 +0100, Andrej Tibaut
÷<andrej.tibaut@uni-mb.si> wrote:
÷> Hi,
÷> I had the same problem a couple of months ago...our project
÷> ambitiously aims to develop J2EE architecture with client/server
÷> enabled database and client
÷> (desktop) applications with embedded database.
÷> We invested some time and compared the following databases:
÷> (HSQLDB) , Derby, MySql and PostgreSQL. We also wanted to test
÷> Daffodil DB but at the time there was no free version.
÷> Our project requested an embedded (or in.process) database and a
÷> client/server database.
÷> We wrote a "SQL-tester" which gave us our winners:
÷> - Derby for our client Java applications
÷> - PostgreSQL for our J2EE enterprise server
÷> One fact that I was in favour of is that both Derby and PostgreSQL
÷> work together with Daffodil Replicator which became open
÷source in october.
÷> With the decisions made we can now procede to develop our J2EE
÷> application.
÷> I hope this can help you.
÷> Regards,
÷> Andrej
÷> ÷-----Original Message-----
÷> ÷From: Gaurav Anand [mailto:gauravanand80@gmail.com]
÷> ÷Sent: 9. december 2004 6:00
÷> ÷To: derby-user@db.apache.org
÷> ÷Subject: How to proceed ?
÷> ÷
÷> ÷Hi,
÷> ÷
÷> ÷I'm a freelance developer engaged in developing small java ÷based
÷> applications for stock management. My application ÷requires
÷a DB that
÷> has data handling capacity up-to 20GB and ÷can run in server mode.
÷> ÷
÷> ÷I am on lookout for an open source/free product. Can anyone
÷÷help me
÷> in selecting between Derby or Daffodil DB. Does Derby ÷offers a
÷> network edition?
÷> ÷
÷> ÷Is there anyone who had tried Daffodil DB? Experience sharing ÷can
÷> help me take a decision.
÷> ÷
÷> ÷Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
÷> ÷

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