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From Arda M <marda...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Embedding a database in a web application
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:55:17 GMT
Trying Tomcat, I could not get derby.jar work by putting it in my WEB-INF/lib of my web application.
I was able to make it work by putting derby.jar among all other Tomcat jars. But that would
effect all web applications running in this Tomcat and force every use the same version. Is
there a way to deploy derby per web application such that i can have a Tomcat server with
many websites that run their own Derby jar version (web app a uses version 10, another webapp
b uses version 11 for example?) and have their own derby database inside their directories
protected from others?? 

todd runstein <todd_run@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm looking for ways to embed a Derby database into a
web application that will be distributed as a war
file. Since I don't know the path where it will be
deployed ("webapps" in Tomcat, "deploy" in JBoss,
etc), I'm struggling to envision how I can make a JDBC

Let me elaborate a bit. I want to create a database
(basically an empty set of tables) and put the
directory that Derby creates somewhere in the WEB-INF
directory of my web application. I want to use this
database to save user preferences or application
settings. I want to be able to create a war file
which someone with a J2EE server can drop into their
server and have the application work. Making changes
to the web server is out of the question (so the Lance
Bader tutorial technique is out).

If you were asked to do this, how would you go about

Thanks in advance!


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