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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: How to proceed ?
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:08:13 GMT
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Gaurav Anand wrote:

[DISCLAIMER - I (Dan) work for IBM and have been involved with
Cloudscape since its inception, most of the time as its architect]

> Can any body help?
> I am skeptical in using Derby because of its relationship with IBM
> Cloudscape. IBM has recently launched 'IBM Cloudscape V10.0', which
> they claim is Open Source-based (Derby based) relational database
> management system and is available for a commercial license.
> Check: http://sourceforge.net/cloudscape_download.php

IBM Cloudscape is a packaging of the Apache Derby technology, not sure
if you are skepical about that claim, and not sure how I could convince
you if you are. We [IBM] have stated that the core IBM Cloudscape will
be the same same as Apache Derby, no special features in the database
engine for example. IBM Cloudscape as a package may include other items,
such as the IBM DB2 Universal driver for Derby, which is also a free
download. A better link for IBM Cloudscape is

> What is the motive behind?

Does this help?

> Does IBM wanted to popularize Derby first - by using ASF platform -
> and then releasing a commercial product?

Well, the commercial product was first (1997) so not sure how to answer

> Will the ASF community support be available forever, or with the
> launch of commercial version users will be left with no other option
> but to go for commercial license/support services from IBM (Like Mysql
> case).

IBM's commercial version release (and its already happened) has no
effect on the availability of the Apache Derby community. The community
will survive on its own strength and activity.

For support, you have four options that I know of:

Free Options
- ------------

 - Apache Derby community - no cost, no guarantees, ask to the mailing
list or log a bug or fix it yourself and submit, and then see what happens.

- -  IBM DeveloperWorks Cloudscape Forum - no cost, no guarantees, ask to
the mailing list and then see what happens.

Zero licence cost, optional pay for support options
- ---------------------------------------------------

- - Gluecode Joe - a collection of open source projects including Derby
that forms a J2EE development & runtime environment. Three support
options including a 24/7 one. www.gluecode.com
[I'm no expert on Joe, but it looks like it is $0 licence cost]

- - IBM Cloudscape - option for 24/7 support.

> Clarification about "Does derby offers a network edition?"
> I want to know whether Derby be used with a client/server application.

Yes there is a client/server version. The clients (JDBC and ODBC) are
not open source but are freely available from IBM developerworks. Anyone
could write open-source clients for Derby, since the server and protocol
(DRDA) are open.

Other open source client/server frameworks can be used with Derby


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